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Private jet charter flights are the best way to arrive in the Virgin Islands for your holiday getaway, and Air Charter Virgin Islands private jet rentals provide unmatched flexibility, comfort and style.

BVI private charter flights can add hours to your vacation by skipping the hassles of commercial travel. Private BVI jet charters also allow clients to reach islands commercial airlines can’t reach.

Destinations | Charter Flights to British Virgin Islands

Air Charter Virgin Islands private flights can be arranged to the following destinations. Our charter brokers are standing by to help select the right aircraft and airport for your flight.

Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

When visiting the British Virgin Islands via private jet charter, there are countless activities and locations to explore during your visit. If you like water sports, you can try out surfing, windsurfing, or kiteboarding. Are you more an explorer? Take a class or two in scuba diving, and find ship wreckage along the ocean floor off shore. Just don’t skip out on the baths, the most gorgeous and breathtaking geological formations known to grace the Virgin Islands. History has left this place with rocks, caverns, and caves of volcanic origin, and they are truly a sight to see.

Scuba Diving

A popular sport in the BVI is scuba diving, and when you hear about the history of these islands, it’s easy to know why. Do you know about the Rhone mail ship, a ship sunken during a hurricane over 100 years ago? When diving in the BVI, you can take a charter or private boat out to the diving site, and swim down to the ship wreckage. Many divers recommend to go around the noon when the sun is overhead, and the most sunlight is available. The entire ship and where it broke apart will be lit up, along with all the fish and other marine life that will pass you by.


You’ve heard of surfing, and most likely snowboarding, but what about kiteboarding? A lot like windsurfing, kiteboarding relies on the power of the wind to get around. Not enough, and you’re stranded at sea; too much, and you’re bound to go flying, literally. All it takes it a surfboard, a harness, and a large kite, and you can so kite boarding around the British Virgin Islands. It’s a popular sport, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find, especially around Tortola and Beef Island. You can also take a class at the Bitter End Yacht Club to give it a go.

Yacht Charters

Having a boat all to yourself can sure be glamorous when visiting the BVI. There’s so much to do, so much to see, and the choices are up to you. However, you can always use a yacht charter service to sail you around to the most popular locations around the island, supply you with equipment for snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. You can always take a ferry ride around the islands to explore after docking your yacht, or take part in some of the other activities your yacht service may provide. By the way, our brokers can hook you up with a great yacht charter for your next trip to the islands, so give us a call.


Fishing in the BVI for keeping your catch requires a permit, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying yourself with a little catch-and-release. Fishing is a favored past time of patience, skill, and intuition. You have to know where the fish are if you want a bite, you need to bait them, and sometimes (more often than not) you have to wait them out. Around the British Virgin Islands you can do go deep see fishing for marlin and wahoos, or you can keep it shallow and do some fly fishing for tarpon or bonefish.


When traveling around the British Virgin Islands, it’s impossible to not notice the gorgeous beaches around. Many of them are covered in powdery sand, very spacious, and are quoted to have large, smooth rocks. Virgin Gorda Beach is right near a hiking trail that can offer some nice sight seeing and a bit of a workout before you cool off and take a dip in the ocean. Many other areas, like Josiah’s Bay, offer the opportunity for water activities like snorkeling and surfing. Of course, you can always kick back and relax on the beach. Getting some sun and a little rest is what beaches are for.

The Baths

Many people visiting the BVI tend to mention “The Baths”, but they aren’t talking about a public bath house. No, “The Baths” are a geological formation connecting two beaches among the British Virgin Islands. Having had volcanic origins, there are many eroded piles of boulders around the area, but the rock formations here are the real sight to see. Imagine walking through canyons of rock, exploring underwater waves, and scaling the boulders of the Baths for a great photo op. The Baths are viewed as one of the most beautiful locations of the Virgin Islands, and that’s a hard fact to argue. See them for yourself.

British Virgin Islands (BVI) Airports

Air Charter Virgin Islands can be flown into the following airports to reach the British Virgin Islands (BVI):

  • (TUPJ, EIS) T.B. Lettsome International Airport – Tortola
    • Also known as Beef Island Airport or Road Town
    • 7,000 foot runway
  • (TUPW, VIJ) Virgin Gorda International Airport – Virgin Gorda Island
    • 3,100 foot runway

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