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Private Jet Charter Flights – U.S. Virgin Islands

The best way to arrive in the U.S. Virgin Islands for your holiday getaway is with a private jet charter flight. Virgin Islands private jet rentals are available 24/7,  and provide unmatched flexibility, style, and comfort.

USVI private jet flights can add hours to your holiday while skipping the delays and hassles of commercial travel. Private USVI jet charters also allow private flyers to reach islands commercial airlines can’t fly to.

Destinations | Charter Flights to U.S. Virgin Islands

Air Charter Virgin Islands private flights can be arranged to the following destinations. Our jet charter brokers are standing by to help select the right aircraft and airport for your flight.

Fun Things to Do in the US Virgin Islands

There are so many activities to enjoy when visiting the US Virgin Islands, it’s impossible to choose just one. You can cruise around the islands and take ferry rides in between, go snorkeling or even deep sea diving in a submarine, and of course there are plenty of gorgeous beaches to complete any vacation. Take a look at some of the best things to do on your US Virgin Island trip.

Yacht Charters

Do you know the #1 destination for yacht charters sailing around the Caribbean Sea? It’s the Virgin Islands, and there’s plenty of reasons why. The luxurious lifestyle of owning or sailing around in a yacht charter gives you a one-of-a-kind experience when traveling around the virgin islands. All of the islands are so close together, you can take ferry rides between each one, and back to your yacht when you’re ready to set sail. Plus, there are many excursions and activities you can do, or around the yacht. You can snorkel, visit the beaches, go golfing, and you can even stay on board and enjoy an amazing view. Want to visit a new island? Just reel in the anchor and sail on. If this sounds like a great time, be sure to contact us to set you up with a private yacht charter today.


The U.S. Virgin islands have some of the easiest spots to swim to when going snorkeling. There are coral reefs around all of the Caribbean islands, but for the USVI, all you need to do is paddle out and look around. When snorkeling around the Virgin Islands, depending on your group, there are also many islands to choose from. Traveling with the kids? Go to the Coral World Marina Park, and you can have plenty of encounters with underwater wildlife, such as turtles, sharks, and sea lions. Looking for more of an adult crowd? Take a ferry ride over to St. John for a tropical paradise.


There are so many options for sailing around the US Virgin Islands, it makes it hard to choose. Aside from sailing around in your own yacht charter, you can go on various sailing expeditions and even spend your day at sea. In St John, you can find many boats and yachts at the harbor that will take you out to sight see, snorkel, and of course, feed you delicious meals that will give you a real taste of Caribbean food and hospitality. If adventure is more your color, you can take a sailing expedition to one of the many US virgin islands, or go on a voyage through some of the island caves. Then, you can always wind down and soak up some sun on the beach.


There are so many beaches around the US Virgin Islands, it’s hard to pick which one to go to. Soft-white sand, water as clear as glass, great for families and travelers alike. Many beaches may have an entrance fee to get into, but they’re well worth their dime. Sapphire Beach is named one of the most gorgeous beaches around the USVI, with plenty of trees for shade, and activities like kayaking, jet skies, and parasailing. Can you imagine the view of the islands from 100 feet up in the air? Sounds absolutely beautiful.


If you like to golf and can appreciate a view, the US Virgin Islands are the place for you. St Thomas and St Croix are known for their famously designed golf courses, and all of the golf courses are worth a visit. In St Thomas, there is the Mahogany Run, an 18-hole golf course of over 6000 yards to play on. Not to mention the best golfers here can win a prize if they can get through what’s known as “The Devil’s Triangle, a triple hole play on the course. On St Croix, there is the Buccaneer, conveniently attached to the Buccaneer Hotel in Christiansted, if you’re not looking to travel far for a round of golf. Not to mention that the Buccaneer golf course is ever-changing, quoted to have improvements made every summer to nearly 6000 yards of spectacular green.


If you’re not into snorkeling, or don’t have what it takes to go diving, then a submarine ride is your best bet to go underwater and check out the Caribbean marine life. Whether you go during the day or at night, you’ll be sure to enjoy your travels. The Nautilus Semi Submarine is a one-hour journey that departs from Coral World Ocean Park on St Thomas. You can also take a ride on the first submarine to ever be certified by the US Coast Guard, the Atlantis III, if you sign up for an Atlantis Submarine Adventure.

St Thomas and St. Croix Local Airports

Air Charter Virgin Islands can be flown into the following airports to reach the US Virgin Islands:

  • (TIST, STT) Cyril E. King Airport – St. Thomas
    • Longest Runway: 7,000 feet
  • (TISX, STC) Henry E. Rholsen – St. Croix
    • Longest Runway: 10,000 feet

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